Part of golfing as a middle-aged dude is dealing with aches and pains. Bringing yoga into your life will help your golf game no mater your age. Increased flexibility and better core strength lead to better swings and more time on the course instead of on the mend.

Yoga has been a part of my workout routine for about ten years when I first tried it as part of the Beachbody P90x workout series. They had a killer 90 minute yoga session that surprised me with how much it worked my whole body and challenged my fitness level. It also really did put me in a more peaceful and centered frame of mind. There is something meditative about repeated motions and the focus some of the poses require.

Doing the same yoga class over and over again can get a little boring, and finding 90 minutes each week is not easy, let alone multiple times per week. That sent me searching for some other options.

Amazon Prime Video has a pretty good selection of yoga videos that are free of (additional) charge to Prime members.

Out of the dozen or so that I have tried, I recommend two.

Julie Marie 30-Day Yoga for Weight Loss

The first is a 30-day series from Julia Marie.

This series starts pretty easy and then ramps up a bit. It's a good one to start with for someone new to yoga and will challenge your whole body over the course of the series. You will likely find a few episodes you like more than others that you can return to. It's also nice to have the structure of a 30-day program to follow.

Yoga for Men's Health

My current favorite is a one-off workout called Yoga for Men's Health. The premise is super questionable, with the instructor telling us it is scientifically proven that men keep much of their emotional stress in their pelvic area. I completely ignored that crap because the actual workout was terrific.

I have a pretty stiff lower back that I have fought since I was injured as a kid during basketball. There are plenty of lower back yoga workouts on Prime but they are super short and not intense enough.

This is a full 60 minutes and has some really good stretches and exercises to strengthen and stretch your lower back and hamstrings.

I have done this workout three times and it's been night and day how I have felt after each one.

If you have any favorite yoga workouts for golf, whether or not they relieve pelvic stress, please share them in the comments section below!